Larry’s Top 10 Nursery  Design Tips

1.     Think Ahead: Design a room that your child can grow into.
Think furniture, cot and bed that can last the distance. Lets face it, you probably won't change the wall colours until they hit primary school, so don’t think too baby. A fresh change of linen, cushions and art makes a quick inexpensive theme change with each transition from baby, to toddler, to preschooler.

2.     LIGHT – While sleep is sooooo  important and investing in heavy curtains is a MUST, natural light is just as important.
Light fills the space with warmth and an opportunity to start the day afresh.

3.     Storage , Storage, Storage – one thing you will soon realise that with a child comes many toys and clothes that are outgrown , packed away and stored for future hand me downs. Think practical as well as the unusual to store things.  Old vintage suitcases, and metal buckets are ideal.

Open shelving is great for storing and showing off unique pieces that will add to your overall theme. Shelving in an awkward corner or nook serves a dual purpose.

4.     One Large Art Work - one great artwork can make a room pop.  Original artwork even better. The bigger the better!

5.     Paint is any easy way to transform a room but stay away from the traditional blue and pinks. Why not add a splash of unexpected colour. White walls are all the rage, they are simple and easy to introduce colour accents in cushions, floor rugs and art.  Why not add a splash of colour – to a wall or cupboard? Go bold. Remember its your space so  go with your gut!

6.     Mix modern with old – have a look around your home or your mums!  Look for those treasured pieces. Furniture does not have to be new. Repurposed furniture is a hot look.

7.     Floor time – remember children are little people. They spend their days at ground level. Invest is a good colourful rug or play mat. A well positioned rug is the anchor point of a room that will bring it all together.

8.     Babies Looking up – young babies spend most of their time looking up. A hanging mobile above a change table is a welcome distraction while changing.  They not only look great and finish off a room , they help with eye tracking and development. Check out our Pinterest board for unusual hanging mobiles.

9.     A comfy chair is a must – Rockers are practical but  a great chair can be used elsewhere in the house later on.

10.    Be you – its your kids room. 

Any others tips you would like to share ?
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Amy (aka Larry)