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We had the privilege of working with renowned children's photographer, Sheena Cooke. Sheena managed to capture the magic of our rainbow felt ball rugs in all their glorious splendor. 

A special thanks to our little models who seemed to appear from anywhere and everywhere. Passing children in the hallway of this fabulous Fremantle house were grabbed -  faces and feet wiped and then quickly photographed.

Jasper sits quietly (not usual I am told) on our newest felt ball rug for kids rooms, "You are My Sunshine" 

The "You are my Sunshine" Rug also looks magical in a lounge room. This size is 150cm in diameter.

My youngest, 4 yr old Eli did not want to perform on the day. He became very camera shy with all the comings and goings. But hey, we got some great steely looks from him!

Eli's little kindy friend Lilly joined us for the photoshoot.  Gorgeous Lilly rose to the occasion and was much more pliable than Eli. Here she is featured on our other newest felt rug "The Sorbet" especially created for little girls bedrooms. 

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