Cleaning your felt ball rug

I often get asked  "Are your felt ball rugs easy to clean?" The simple answer is YES! 

Our felt balls are made from high quality New Zealand wool and the process of felting is one of the oldest forms of textile. 

Wool is a super natural textile has its own brilliant dirt and water repelling qualities. 

YAY for sheep!

Our felt balls are made entirely with wool. Combine friction, water, soap and alot of rub-a- rub-dub-dubbing- (it a great workout), the wool begins to felt, shrink and bind together. Much like putting your favourite woolen jumper in the washing machine.

So with all these natural repelling properties felt ball rugs hold up to alot of wear and tear.  The perfect for rug for children's bedrooms or play areas.  I have a felt rug at my front door and it still looks brand new!  

Any liquid spilt will bead up and it can be quickly tapped off. We then recommend a spot clean with gentle dabbing to soak up any excess liquid.  Water on its own works a trick if you dab the balls to remove a stain. Any dirt can be removed with a regular vacuum and a good shake is important to remove the bits that get stuck. Any dry dirt can also be picked off easily! 

It is important however not to use the felt ball mats in wet areas and not totally soak the balls. 

As always, if your rug cops alot of traffic and needs a good clean we recommend enlisting the professionals and hire the expertise of a carpet cleaner.  (Just get it included in the price when you get your carpets cleaned) 

These rugs are made to last so that your kid's kids will love them! 

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