Sale time at Angove St Market

Behind the scenes here at Larry HQ we have made a few changes.Thanks to my business mentor brilliant advice some of these have been slightly painful but necessary. One of the challenges was to really define what Larry is all about  and to where my passions lay. For me,  its about meeting the needs of design savvy mums and creating magical children's rooms. This is where I come alive! 

So that being said - no more other felty bits and pieces like our felt handbags! (Well for now anyway!)   That means its SALE time on all carry and handbags.  

All stock will be cleared at $25 or less at Angove St Market in North Perth on April the 7th 2013 and online.

Hopefully we will see you at Angove Street Festival, if not, any stock left over from the market will be cleared online and on facebook -so stay tuned and comment below if you want to be informed of clearance.

Bye bye my felty bags - I am sure we will see you again one day. 

Larry xx 

Hello Sunshine

I am so excited to introduce to you our latest Felt Ball Rug - "You are my Sunshine". 

We have a photoshoot with the award winning photographer Sheena Cooke on Easter Monday. Cant wait to reveal this new baby waiting to hit children's rooms all over Australia! 
How cool does this look in my sun room? 

100cm $399
150cm $699

Cleaning your felt ball rug

I often get asked  "Are your felt ball rugs easy to clean?" The simple answer is YES! 

Our felt balls are made from high quality New Zealand wool and the process of felting is one of the oldest forms of textile. 

Wool is a super natural textile has its own brilliant dirt and water repelling qualities. 

YAY for sheep!

Our felt balls are made entirely with wool. Combine friction, water, soap and alot of rub-a- rub-dub-dubbing- (it a great workout), the wool begins to felt, shrink and bind together. Much like putting your favourite woolen jumper in the washing machine.

So with all these natural repelling properties felt ball rugs hold up to alot of wear and tear.  The perfect for rug for children's bedrooms or play areas.  I have a felt rug at my front door and it still looks brand new!  

Any liquid spilt will bead up and it can be quickly tapped off. We then recommend a spot clean with gentle dabbing to soak up any excess liquid.  Water on its own works a trick if you dab the balls to remove a stain. Any dirt can be removed with a regular vacuum and a good shake is important to remove the bits that get stuck. Any dry dirt can also be picked off easily! 

It is important however not to use the felt ball mats in wet areas and not totally soak the balls. 

As always, if your rug cops alot of traffic and needs a good clean we recommend enlisting the professionals and hire the expertise of a carpet cleaner.  (Just get it included in the price when you get your carpets cleaned) 

These rugs are made to last so that your kid's kids will love them! 

If you have any other questions respond to this post or flick me an email at

Colour Me There

One blog I have followed on and off for awhile is Colour Me There, previously known as La' Moogolie. Maddie is a girl after my own heart - she loves colour, fun and all things creative! 

I was delighted to see a post she did recently on our Pebble Rugs - more 50 Shades of Grey than busting with colour but non the less this felt rug brings out my soft side. It can be used in a child's room , can look great next to an occassional chair or beside a bed. Each pebble gives texture and dimension to any room in the house. $399 AUD

Maybe this new rug should be called 50 Shades of Grey ??   

I love Colour me There's  design and layout of her blog. She even has a some free printables that are worth taking a look at.