Inspiring playrooms to unleash the inner artist in your child.

I was an art teacher.

My two bobs worth:  Fostering a love of making and art leads to a life much appreciated. 

Play rooms or dedicated art spaces go along way to to unleashing the creative in your child.

In a world that passes us all by so quickly it is now more than ever important to teach our children to stop and really look. The little lines in a leaf, the tiny feather in the long grass, the beauty in the sunset and the design of that building.

Developing kids that can really 'see' needs to be nurtured from a young age. 

Most mums acknowledge the importance of play and craft in young kids and a few struggle to see the benefit when they hit their teens! (Trust me I had many a parent argue the relevance of art in high school) 

So creating a space that encourages play, where your kids can get their craft on and learn to see will, I believe set them up for a life full of opportunity and promise.

A life much appreciated.

My quick tips for helping create a workspace for kids to fall in love with art.

1. Having a workspace albeit a table, floor or wall that they can call their own and not worry about making (too) much mess. 

2. Blank paper and lots of it!  Colouring in books are great for developing fine motor skills but free drawing will develop their imagination and skills quicker.  

For free-drawing I get my kids to close their eyes , tell me the first thing they see and then we just draw it. We talk about the parts it may have, the texture, the shape, all the colours  and so on .... 

3. Teach kids to really look at what they are drawing. If they are drawing an object or a picture from a book - get them to keep looking and noticing the details. Too often we have a quick look, draw it and then wonder why it never looks any good. Get them to take their time and develop the art of seeing.

4. Eliminate the eraser!  As kids get older the use of the dreaded eraser can be heavily relied on. When teaching art to the younger kids I had a no eraser policy! I didn't want them to be precious about their art, just to have a go, make mistakes and enjoy it. 

5.  Chalkboards are great. Chalk will develop hand strength, the chunkier the better to start. Walls painted with chalkboard paint look great at first - but beware of the mess and dust. I personally would not have a chalkboard inside because of the mess. Outside walls are the other cleaner option.

6. Displaying work - Choose one wall and frame them up easily with black tape. 
So cheap and they  all look great when uniform. 

7. Plenty of tools - crayons, pencils, pastels, textas all in variety of thicknesses, paints (watercolours if you are not brave enough to try acrylics) , playdoh, paper, scissors, glue. Display them in easy to reach pots. 

8. Pinterest is a never ending source of inspiration for ideas  and play spaces. We have a few boards that may help you get your craft on too. 

9. Last but not least - Don't say you CAN'T DRAW or I'M NO GOOD AT ART  to your kids. They will copy and take it on board. (This is half the battle as kids get older)  

Its all about trying and it is a skill just like any other that can be learnt!  It just takes time. 

10. Some play room inspiration from Kids Style File

At Happy as Larry we are imagination merchants, dreamweavers and child delighters. Pop on over to our website for kids rugs , storage and toys that will foster a love of colour and learning.

Spring Makeovers in a jiffy and under $100

Don't want to spend alot of money and need to give your home a quick freshen up with the change of season? 

We have put together some quick tips and the go-to-websites to get any home ready for summer. 

Larry's Quick 4 Tips to add INSTANT SPRING COLOUR to any room in your house

1. Update your cushions - Cushions are a cheap way to add an instant makeover to your living room, bedroom or kids room. Our new favourite website is Cushion Spot for all things cushions.

2. Flowers - head over to Bondville for tips on flower arranging and the best vase for the right flower. 
3. Lighting - add a new lamp shade

This website has some great ideas of DIY lighting ideas to inspire you. 

3. Storage - a good spring clean always involves decluttering. So rather than heading on over to Bunnings or Ikea to get some more ugly plastic storage that so easily cracks and has a lid that is forever going missing - Be creative or spend a little more on storage solutions.  Get a fresh new look that updates your home, will last longer and is practical too.   

3. New Rug - A rug is a piece of art and will freshen up a room instantly. "They centre a room, complete a look and bring all your furniture and art together." says Amanda Mohoney, stylist.  ( Sorry most rugs will be more than a $100 but is worth the splurge)

Happy as Larry has some great ideas to freshen up your home quickly. 
Check out our Rugs , cushions and storage solutions all on SALE now! 

Perth Upmarket is on again

Our favourite market of the year is on again in just a few short days. Perth Upmarket has been one of the driving forces in the early success of Happy as Larry.  They are celebrating their 5th birthday and Larry has almost been to all markets in some shape or form. 

Back from our recent trip from Nepal we are keen to show some of our funky new designs to inspire you in the decoration of your kids rooms. We have something new for boys bedrooms, something sweet for little girls rooms as well as all our felt ball rug range and felt storage needs on display. 

PERTH UPMARKET Sunday the 14th September in Winthrop Hall, University of WA, Australia.  Check out their market guide for specials on the day.

Please stop by and say a big hello!

I love Rainbows

I'm not a peace loving hippie but I do have this thing for rainbows. Kids love colour and their bedrooms is one place where we can let loose with the decorating. Here are some colour loving ways to decorate your kids bedroom.

Loving the colours in this boys room- anything goes!

Colourful room for girls

Our new Happy as Larry Hanging Mobile      

All images credited on our Pinterest Board

Loving all the colour of Nepal

I must say I felt a little more prepared  on my 2nd trip to Nepal than before even though I wasn’t traveling with my trusty companion, my husband Paul. When we travel he is the one to take care on the money conversions, the taxis, transfers  and language barriers.  This time I was on my own and thankfully managed to stay travel savvy and not give away 1000000’s of rupees to rogue taxi drivers.
This is Subash and his sister who manages the workshop.

I went with my girlfriend Merryn and the first few days of our trip was spent visiting my current suppliers and working on new samples together. This trip was two fold. Firstly to develop better relationships with my manufacturers and secondly to increase the Happy as Larry range. We worked on our current range and a 2014 collection to incorporate more storage baskets,  softies, wall hangings, mobiles and of course some more rugs! 

Drying of the carded wool outside Subash's factory.

We also worked on some new Christmas decorations and toy super hero softies!

 (sorry for the hot and sweaty pictures of me! )

Part of our 2014 Rainbow collecion

Hard pressed for time we decided not to climb Everest but view it from the top! 

I love all the colours of Nepal. Their little doors say so much about where they have come from, their struggle and their optimism for the future. These doors are everywhere sometimes dating back to the 17th century.  Their houses are also painted in a wonderful array of colours.

We visited a church in Nepal and met a few of our sponsor kids. Happy as Larry is committed to sponsoring the education of 5 children each year. We are hoping to increase this more as our business grows.

The Lady Di bench and pose! 

The last few days of our trip included a taste of India – Delhi and Agra.  A very different country to Nepal but with some similarities.  The difference between the very wealthy and the poor is a lot more evident in India. Traveling really gives you a greater appreciation for what we have in Australia. We are so richly blessed to live here and have so very much.

A trip to Agra and the Taj Mahal was a highlight. We also visited a new supplier in India that I am busting at the seams to show and tell you their wares BUT it is all top secret for now until we finalise things. 

So fair to say Larry is expanding his wings and the children's décor and furniture range will increase. Cant wait……….   

Please visit our Pinterest page for more photos of our new stuff and behind the scenes in our factories. 

Have a Firecracker of a Day this 4th July

Happy Independence Day on the 4th July to all our American friends. 

When naming our boys felt ball rug, truth be told, America was the inspiration behind the name Firecracker

In honour of the red, white and navy here are some of Larry's picks. 

The Firecracker Felt Ball Mat is available in a 100cm diameter and can be requested in larger sizes.

Felt Soft Storage Baskets available in many colours 

Felt Ball Garlands - available to match each rug

Starry Night Mobile - dances and delights any little one , boy or girl

How to Understand Colour in your Child's Bedroom

Colour in your child's room

Some people think they have an eye for colour or they don't. When decorating your child's room or babies nursery it not that hard if you know the basics and nature teaches us alot about how we should approach colour in our homes. 

We expect to have the darkest colour value at our feet. Nature then tells us the medium colour values are at our eye level and the lightest above us. (sky) 

Just remember Dark- Medium - Light


Rules are meant to be broken from time to time


Image from Apartment Therapy


We all like to mix it up a bit and give our eyes a treat every now and then.  Varying the order can also work! 

Why not use a dominant colour with a subordinate colour. It can create a visual feast.

Why not put the dominant colour on top?

Putting two dominant colours together do not often work - our eyes and our brains need to find rest. When two dominant colours in equal proportions are put together it can create tension and is the last thing you want when designing your little ones room.  

Hope this has been helpful?  
Love Amy (aka Larry)