How to Understand Colour in your Child's Bedroom

Colour in your child's room

Some people think they have an eye for colour or they don't. When decorating your child's room or babies nursery it not that hard if you know the basics and nature teaches us alot about how we should approach colour in our homes. 

We expect to have the darkest colour value at our feet. Nature then tells us the medium colour values are at our eye level and the lightest above us. (sky) 

Just remember Dark- Medium - Light


Rules are meant to be broken from time to time


Image from Apartment Therapy


We all like to mix it up a bit and give our eyes a treat every now and then.  Varying the order can also work! 

Why not use a dominant colour with a subordinate colour. It can create a visual feast.

Why not put the dominant colour on top?

Putting two dominant colours together do not often work - our eyes and our brains need to find rest. When two dominant colours in equal proportions are put together it can create tension and is the last thing you want when designing your little ones room.  

Hope this has been helpful?  
Love Amy (aka Larry)

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