Loving all the colour of Nepal

I must say I felt a little more prepared  on my 2nd trip to Nepal than before even though I wasn’t traveling with my trusty companion, my husband Paul. When we travel he is the one to take care on the money conversions, the taxis, transfers  and language barriers.  This time I was on my own and thankfully managed to stay travel savvy and not give away 1000000’s of rupees to rogue taxi drivers.
This is Subash and his sister who manages the workshop.

I went with my girlfriend Merryn and the first few days of our trip was spent visiting my current suppliers and working on new samples together. This trip was two fold. Firstly to develop better relationships with my manufacturers and secondly to increase the Happy as Larry range. We worked on our current range and a 2014 collection to incorporate more storage baskets,  softies, wall hangings, mobiles and of course some more rugs! 

Drying of the carded wool outside Subash's factory.

We also worked on some new Christmas decorations and toy super hero softies!

 (sorry for the hot and sweaty pictures of me! )

Part of our 2014 Rainbow collecion

Hard pressed for time we decided not to climb Everest but view it from the top! 

I love all the colours of Nepal. Their little doors say so much about where they have come from, their struggle and their optimism for the future. These doors are everywhere sometimes dating back to the 17th century.  Their houses are also painted in a wonderful array of colours.

We visited a church in Nepal and met a few of our sponsor kids. Happy as Larry is committed to sponsoring the education of 5 children each year. We are hoping to increase this more as our business grows.

The Lady Di bench and pose! 

The last few days of our trip included a taste of India – Delhi and Agra.  A very different country to Nepal but with some similarities.  The difference between the very wealthy and the poor is a lot more evident in India. Traveling really gives you a greater appreciation for what we have in Australia. We are so richly blessed to live here and have so very much.

A trip to Agra and the Taj Mahal was a highlight. We also visited a new supplier in India that I am busting at the seams to show and tell you their wares BUT it is all top secret for now until we finalise things. 

So fair to say Larry is expanding his wings and the children's décor and furniture range will increase. Cant wait……….   

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