Boy Rooms

I have been surfing the net lately getting ready to decorate my new house taking a special interest in designing my boys rooms. Wanting to get away from just blue I want each kid to have a different flavour of boyhood in their rooms. The older boy will have a more traditional nautical theme of navy and red (hey it was better than his suggestion of Spiderman and Redbacks!) The younger boy will have a robot theme - I love robots and have found such great fabric onSpoonflower.
Anywhoo, for the nautical theme I found this great DIY bunting Lantern (lantern bought at Ikea). It looks incredibly easy and will be giving this one a go. Pop over to You had me at Bonjour for the full details.


And here is the Girly version if you are blessed enough to have girls. Take me to the DIY Butterfly lantern

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